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With over 40 years of experience, Swoffers are Guernsey’s largest and most established estate agent, offering the widest selection of Local Market, Open Market and rental property.

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Primary school children tackle new sport, thanks to Swoffers’ sponsorship
Year 6 pupils from Forest and St Martin’s Primary Schools have been showing off their new-found hockey skills at the end of their six-week introduction to the game. Swoffers is proud to sponsor Junior Hockey’s outreach programme and help introduce a new crop of young players to the sport. Primary age pupils receive training from Guernsey Hockey coaches at their...
Swoffers responsible for two thirds of all Open Market sales this year to date
Guernsey’s property market is continuing to ride a wave of positivity and Swoffers remains at the crest of that wave. As we head into the last quarter of a roller-coaster year, both Open Market and Local Market sales remain buoyant, the rentals market continues to be busy and the island is successfully promoting itself as an ideal place to relocate...
Own a piece of Guernsey history
Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Guernsey history? Well now’s your chance. Les Jouppes is a stylish detached bungalow on the south west corner of the island. But there’s so much more to this property then meets the eye. What can’t be seen is the World War II Flak Command Bunker that sits beneath the surface. The...
Holiday winners announced
Congratulations to Jen and Rob Chalker – the winners of this year’s ‘List it to Win a Holiday’ prize draw. The couple win a £3,000 voucher from World Travel to spend on a holiday of their choice. And they’ve got plenty of time to decide where they want to go as World Travel has kindly extended the voucher to be...
Lets get pet friendly
Swoffers is pleased to support a new initiative aimed at encouraging landlords to consider allowing tenants to accommodate pets in rented properties. The Pancake Project, named after pet rabbit Pancake, has been launched by Bea Smith, who wants to create more pet friendly rental homes but also educate tenants in pet-proofing properties to reassure landlords that their rental is safe...
Relocating to Guernsey

Breathtaking beauty, a laid-back lifestyle, security and stability are just a few of the reasons why nearly 60,000 people are proud to call the island of Guernsey their home.