Guernsey housing market sails through global pandemic

While 2020 was one of the most difficult any of us will remember, the housing market in Guernsey thrived. Latest property sales figures show that just short of 100 open market properties were sold during the year, of which Swoffers sold 53%.

There were 1,017 local market houses sold in 2020, with Swoffers selling one in four.

‘After a cautious start, come May and June it just went crazy with huge numbers of viewings on individual properties and quite often people offering on the spot for fear of missing out. Every level of the market was busy,’ said local market director, Andre Austin.

On the open market, sales were even made unseen; while the business tunnels were in operation Swoffers did eight visits, of which six resulted in offers on the day.

‘It’s clear that Guernsey’s handling of the pandemic has further enhanced our reputation as a safe haven, and as soon as the current travel restrictions are eased we are optimistic about 2021,’ added Shauna Clapham, open market director.

‘While stock levels are challenging, tax advantages are clear. The safe, stable environment is a huge draw, and we expect the latter part of 2021 to be a bumper one.’

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