Swoffers to offer viewings by horseback in new, green initiative

Swoffers will be offering viewings by horseback as part of a new initiative aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. Planning has been approved at their office to convert existing parking into stables, and initially four horses will be available to customers who want to be at one with nature and view properties at a more leisurely pace. The horses are called Avril, Tonto, Shergar and Flossie, and customers will be able to choose their ride depending on their height and weight, in line with States’ guidelines.

Managing director Craig Whitman said: ‘We’ve already started replacing our company cars with electric vehicles but we wanted to take it a stage further. Although the horses are not completely free of emissions, particularly Flossie, it’s a step in the right direction, sometimes you have to trot before you can gallop.’

Customers will be able to request viewings by horseback when they book an appointment.

‘We recommend they should allow at least three hours for viewings in Torteval,’ added Craig.

‘But life is so hectic at times we think there will be a real appetite to see houses on horses and enjoy the island this way. There are bound to be a few neigh sayers, but we’re sure it’s also going to be really popular with fellow road users.’

Horseback viewings will be available from today.

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