Swoffers follows States’ guidance on face coverings

In line with States of Guernsey’s recommendations, Swoffers’ negotiators will carry face coverings with them on viewings and when conducting valuations. Homeowners and clients can feel free to ask our members of staff, who will also observe social distancing, to wear a mask on a visit.
Yesterday the CCA announced a number of recommendations in response to rising Covid-19 case numbers and hospital admissions.
Face coverings are now strongly recommended in the following settings/instances:

• Where physical distancing is not possible
• Where there is poor ventilation
• Where there are close crowds, or where individuals need to work in very close proximity with colleagues, service users or customers.

‘We have followed strict hygiene procedures throughout the pandemic, and want to do all we can to help protect vulnerable islanders and the healthcare system,’ said Swoffers director, Spencer Noyon.
‘Our members of staff have been doing regular lateral flow tests for some time now and routinely wash or sanitise their hands.’

If you are attending a viewing or selling your home with Swoffers, please feel free to request that our negotiators wear a face covering.

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