Guernsey offers a wide range of attractive properties to suit all lifestyles, from traditional Anglo-Norman rural retreats to modern apartments and stunning town houses.

Due to the size of the island and the density of the population, there are strict controls on who may occupy dwellings in Guernsey.

The island’s affluence and limited stock of land means that house prices compare with the wealthier parts of the south-east of England.

There are two housing markets: the Local Market and the Open Market. The majority of properties on the island are Local Market, which can only be occupied by locally-qualified residents or licence holders.

Open Market properties are available for purchase and occupation by anyone with the right of abode in the UK or an EU member state. There are far fewer Open Market properties (approximately 1,700) available and they are generally more substantial dwellings that command higher prices than their Local Market counterparts.

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