Locate Guernsey initiative to receive over £1million of funding

This morning, this island’s Commerce and Employment Department announced it has secured £1.2million of funding from the Economic Development Fund to promote Locate Guernsey, a new initiative which aims to create new income for Guernsey and entice businesses to relocate to the island. A very exciting development, Swoffers has been working with the department and the Guernsey Property Forum on how agents can collaborate with Locate Guernsey to ensure the scheme is a real success.

‘Here at Swoffers we think it is fantastic to see such investment in Guernsey as there are so many opportunities on the island in all sectors,’ said Shauna Clapham, Swoffers Open Market Director,  ‘we are very excited to see how the new initiative will progress over the next few months and we are committed to giving Locate Guernsey our full support.’

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