The large majority of Guernsey’s properties are on the local market and are available for locally-born or qualified residents.


The Guernsey Property Professionals

Such is the size of Guernsey and the very low rate of unemployment, it is also important that some ‘essential workers’ are sourced from outside of the island for specialist jobs and this small percentage of the workforce are given a licence allowing them to buy or rent on the local market.


Under the terms of their employment and after consultation with States of Guernsey Housing Control, licence holders will be given a TRP rating determining the size of property that they are allowed to rent or buy. Their licence will also be for a fixed period of time, but may be renewed with the consent of Housing. This system that has evolved over many years complements the island perfectly, allowing essential workers to find suitable housing whilst maintaining housing stock for local residents. With these measures an already dense population can also be controlled. While the Housing authority controls the occupation of property in Guernsey there is no control in the ownership of property.


Homes on the local market are typically a fraction of the price of those on the local market but, due to the demographics of the island, prices remain very competitive and demand is high.

  • Prices for Guernsey’s local market start at approximately £175,000 for a studio apartment.
  • It is not unusual for over 800 local market properties to be sold through the course of the year.
  • Swoffers has dominated every level of the local market in recent years, selling more properties than any other agent in Guernsey.
  • Even through times of economic uncertainty, Guernsey’s local market property prices have remained stable.
  • Swoffers holds the record for the most expensive sale of a local market house through Guernsey’s conveyancing court.
  • Swoffers holds the record for the highest recorded sale by way of share transfer.
  • Swoffers has the most experienced local market team in Guernsey and has a proven track record across all sectors of the market.
  • Swoffers has more local market properties for sale than any Guernsey estate agent.
  • In recent years Swoffers has dominated the higher end of the local market. It deals with many discreet sales and as a result has a large number of low profile properties.

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