The TRP system (Tax on Real Property) is a relatively new approach to assessing the size of properties in Guernsey and, in relation to Housing Licences, dictates what type of property newcomers to the island can purchase.


The Guernsey Property Professionals

The TRP system succeeds the much maligned and outdate Rateable Value system and offers the Housing Control the most effective way of gauging the size of properties on the island.


The TRP for each property is set by the Cadastre Department and is based on the size of the plan view of the property and is put in place to determine the rate of payment for refuse collection, street lighting and other local services.


With this figure in mind, essential workers are offered licences to work only on the understanding that they rent or buy property on the local market with a TRP figure at the level stipulated or higher. Essential worker’s salaries are typically linked to the TRP figures that they are asked to attain.


Typically, licence holders also have the option of purchasing a property of three habitable rooms or less (a two bedroom apartment for instance) but each case is dealt with on an individual basis by the Housing Department.


The TRP system is the Housing Department’s way of ensuring that local market housing stock is reserved for local residents. Each case of essential employment will be assessed on this basis and, although there has been a degree of flexibility in recent times with available properties being limited, this cannot be taken for granted.


Sounds complicated? Visit the States of Guernsey website,, for more details.