Landlord’s advice

Swoffers offers more advice to more landlords each year than any other local agent.

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Swoffers offers a complete management service and provides invaluable peace of mind to landlords.


Here are some important tips to renting your home once Swoffers has found you the perfect tenant.

  • If your property has oil central heating, ensure that the oil tank is full at the commencement of the tenancy. The tenants are then required to leave it full when they vacate.
  • Whether on gas or oil, it is advisable to take out a service contract to have the boiler maintained regularly each year.
  • Advise the Guernsey Electricity, Gas Company, States Water Board, Parish Constables and the States Sewage Department (as appropriate) to carry out a reading and send future accounts to the new tenant.
  • If you are currently occupying the property, please ensure that the services are advised of your forwarding address in order that final accounts can be sent to you. If you have a tenant, please ensure that they provide the services with a forwarding address for final accounts to be sent to them. If there will be an interim period when the property will be empty, ensure that services are transferred into your name as landlord.
  • The tenants will contact Cable and Wireless to arrange telephone connection as the telephone company does not accept instructions from the landlord.
  • You are responsible for payment of the Tax on Rateable Value and you will need to contact the Cadastre Committee with your address.
  • It is your responsibility as Landlord to ensure that your property meets current Fire Safety Regulations. If you have any queries speak to the Guernsey Fire Brigade. You are also responsible for ensuring that the electrical wiring and gas installations meet with current regulations, and again if you have any queries take professional advice.
  • If your property is located within a development that has communal parts the Development Schedule as this will need to be attached to the Lease.
  • Landlords are required to have a gas safety check undertaken annually, and also when new tenants move in, to check all gas appliances and flues in the property. (Leaflets explaining this requirement are available from the Heath & Safety Executive at Commerce & Employment Department).
  • Landlords are responsible for buildings insurance and will need to inform your insurance company that your property will be tenanted. It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure their personal belongings.
  • Make available for the new tenants a copy of the instruction manuals for all appliances, including the central heating and hot water system (or alternatively notes on their use).
  • Should you prefer to use an advocate to prepare your lease, Swoffers would advise you to instruct him/her to prepare a draft lease if you do not already have one as they often take four weeks to prepare and are not legally binding until they are signed by both parties. Should you wish to use an advocate it would be helpful if Swoffers could have an indication of cost at the outset as tenants are usually responsible for half the Lease fees and need to budget for them.
  • Swoffers are able to provide our own standard lease, which has been drawn up by an advocate. The cost of this lease is £350 and is paid in equal shares by the Landlord and the Tenant.