The market in 2012 has shown signs of recovery and there is plenty to look forward to in 2013 says Managing Director, Matthew Henry.


The Guernsey Property Professionals

‘I am proud to say that with 40 years of experience behind us Swoffers remains the market leader when it comes to selling Open Market homes. In 2012 we maintained our stunning record confirming our dominance when it comes to selling these properties having secured over 60% of the market by value’ says Managing Director, Matthew Henry.


The market in 2012 was a trying one but Swoffers still managed to carry out sales from £600,000 to £5,000,000 ranging from modest terraced homes to luxury apartments and superb residences nestling in acres of land. It is heartening to note that after a poor showing for sales in 2011 the number sold in the whole marketplace in 2012 exceeded the previous year’s number by 25% and was helped by Vendors who showed a level of flexibility on price. Those sold by us included a number of ‘Confidential Instructions’, a medium which many of our Vendors have come to embrace as a low level way of selling their homes with the minimum of fuss.


Some of the sales carried out this year have been to people who, when they first moved to Guernsey, chose to rent for a year or two before committing to a purchase. Having lived in the island they have seen first hand what a great place it is making them keen to settle down in a home of their own. With our own in-house, well established, Open Market Rentals department we have been able to offer clients the chance to move seamlessly from their original rental homes to a sale property whilst continuing to deal with people to whom they have become accustomed.


Matthew Henry remarks ‘Guernsey has not remained immune from the economic issues affecting the world outside but it has perhaps fared better than most. It still remains a special place to live and its benefits continue to be attractive to those thinking of making a move to our shores.’


He goes on to say ‘the island may be small but big decisions have been made over the years to ensure that we have kept pace with the requirements of the 21st century. In recent years our hospital, medical specialist centres and a number of schools have been re-built or substantially upgraded and new offices have sprung up around us. In 2012 work started on renewing our airport runway to complement our new airport buildings. I believe that all of these things plus a tax cap, 20% flat rate income tax, no VAT, Capitals Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax helps us to continue to be attractive to those contemplating a move from the UK or beyond.’


To add to the wonderful array of properties already available on the Open Market, next year will see the launch of two developments of luxury apartments, one in an iconic Town building and the other on the island’s west coast each of which will provide buyers with an even greater choice when it comes to lateral living. As always, our clients will be the first to find out about them.


In their 40 year history, Swoffers has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovation, in fact, we were the first local agency to have its own website and 2013 will be no exception. Mr Henry says ‘the next 12 months will see substantially increased advertising, the launch of the island’s most innovative property website and Smartphone app and monthly bulletins from Swoffers TV. We believe that no other agent can offer such a level of varied exposure when it comes to selling houses. It should be an exciting 2013’.