We understand that funding and applying for a mortgage is not an easy process. At Swoffers, we like to keep it simple.

If you’re looking for clear, honest mortgage advice to help you find the best deal, look no further than Swoffers and their partnered mortgage advisors. We’ve teamed up with Guernsey’s leading independent mortgage broker, SPF, to provide impartial advice on the best mortgage products available to our clients.

From first time buyers to remortgaging a property, we understand that each client is different, which is why our partnered mortgage advisors will tailor solutions to suit individual needs. We can help you:

  • Understand the different types of mortgages available to you
  • Establish how much you can borrow
  • Access the best mortgage products and rates available
  • Navigate each step of the way with independent advice and expertise

For 40 years we’ve helped people find their perfect property, and now we can find the right mortgage solution to match it. With Swoffers and SPF, you can be sure that when it comes to buying property, it all adds up.

Our mortgage calculator

When browsing for your next home, use the Swoffers in-built mortgage calculator to find out what the monthly mortgage repayment will be. The rate is updated regularly, so you can be assured that the figures are current and accurate – helping you know instantly whether it is affordable.

Be sure to click the green monthly repayment estimate to access the mortgage calculator and find out what you can afford.



Mortgage Rates

These are just a small selection of the rates that we have access to, please contact us for all options.

This information does not contain all the details you need to choose a mortgage. Please ask for a personalised illustration.

Until Minimum
Loan Size
Max Loan to Value Arrangement Fee Interest
1.30% 2 year tracker £100,000 75% £999 Daily
1.25% 2 year fixed rate £50,000 60% £999 Daily
1.39% 2 year fixed rate £100,000 80% £999 Daily
1.99% 2 year fixed rate £100,000 90% £999 Daily
1.65% 5 year fixed rate £100,000 60% £999 Daily
2.79% 5 year fixed rate £100,000 90% £999 Daily
2.99% Buy to let 2 year tracker £100,000 75% 1% of loan amount Daily

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