After signing conditions of sale

The Guernsey Property Professionals

  • Book removal company and start packing

Two weeks before your move

  • Contact Guernsey Water on 01481 724552 or email to organise a final reading
  • Contact Guernsey Electricity on 01481 200700 or visit their website Guernsey Electricity to oganise a final reading
  • Contact Guernsey Gas on (01481 724811 Ext 264) or email to organise a final reading
  • Arrange in advance for pets to be looked after during the move

The week before your move

  • If you have a cesspit, empty it and inform the sewage department of your move by calling 01481 245938
  • Settle milk and paper bills in advance and cancel deliveries
  • Transfer Home/contents insurance to your new address
  • Redirect your post by from any Guernsey Post branch, by emailing, by calling 01481 726241 or
  • Notify your supplier of your landline telephone, Sure 01481 700700

Notify the following with your change of address:

  • Social security department, 732500
  • Income Tax Authority, 724711
  • Vehicle registration, 243400
  • Electoral Roll, 717000
  • Your bank
  • Your credit card company
  • Your pension provider
  • Your insurance companies
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Schools

On the evening before your move

  • Collect all keys for the property (to be delivered to advocate prior to court)
  • Clean the property
  • Tidy the property
  • Leave a folder of useful documents from your house for your purchaser

On completion day

  • Turn up at your advocates in good time prior to Conveyancing Court