Take a moment to review our handy guide for buyers for some no nonsense and helpful advice from The Property Professionals.


The Guernsey Property Professionals

With the latest in software to support your requirements, a state of the art website and new property details to fully showcase the properties we have to offer, registering with Swoffers is the only step you’ll need to finding your dream home.


What’s more we have the most experienced local market team on the island, with the largest number of houses for sale making Swoffers the only choice for property;


Step 1 – Register with Swoffers


With access to the Internet so readily available, it may be tempting to just switch on your computer to search for properties. In recent times more properties than ever were sold before they even reached the Internet and only registering with Swoffers can guarantee you get to see properties first – and before they have been sold!

Call one of our local market negotiators on 711766 and they will be happy to discuss with you your individual requirements for your property search.


Step 2 – Viewings


The best way for an experienced agent to gauge your real demands from a property is to meet you in person. At this stage the first proper relationship is built up and a clear insight in to your individual requirements and circumstances is established

If in doubt, book a viewing at a property that seems to suit your requirements and meet one of our negotiators.


Step 3 – Regular contact


It is rare that you will find your perfect property on your first viewing but the more viewings you undertake, the more you will understand your own property needs. As agents we will be in regular contact by phone, post or email notifying you of recent additions to the market.


Step 4 – Making an offer


So you have found your perfect property and wish to make an offer. We will contact the vendor for you and relay his response to you. With offer accepted we will guide you and the vendor through the buying/selling process. Please note that the costs of buying property in Guernsey need to factored in when considering any offer you want to make on a property. Your advocate will discuss these figures with you but, as an approximate rule, allow four per cent to cover the costs of survey, document duty, legal fees and bond fees.


Step 5 – Getting signed up


You will need to appoint an advocate and you will need to let your finance provider know that you have had an offer accepted. Your bank will instruct a surveyor on your behalf and contact us to arrange access for the survey. Your advocate will visit the property, prepare a title report and liaise with your bank to ensure that what you are buying is what you think you are buying – when they are happy with everything they will ask Swoffers for conditions of sale, get you signed up and pass your deposit cheque (typically 10 per cent) on to us. The vendor will then sign. As agents for the vendor we will hold on to this deposit until completion. We now have an unconditional sale and you can prepare for completion day (see ‘Moving Home checklist’)


Step 6 – Completion day


With the deal signed up, you must now appear in the Conveyancing Court on the day of completion at 9.30am when the property will become yours. Congratulations, you now own your home.