Vendors Guide to selling


Moving home can be a daunting experience but Swoffers are experts at making this potentially stressful experience as painless as possible.

The Guernsey Property Professionals

Our local and open market teams are just a phonecall away and are available to discuss any issue that might arise.


Remember, we are the property experts and we have dealt with literally thousands of house sales.


This simple guide will help you to see how the process works. (see also our ‘Moving home checklist’ in this section). Swoffers are always aware that you, the vendor, are our client and we work harder to meet your needs.


Step 1 – Valuation


All house sales start with a valuation and Swoffers offer a free verbal valuation service. Just call us on 711766 and one of our experienced negotiators will arrange a time to visit you at your property. After a brief tour of your property we will get back to you within 24 hours with our no obligation valuation and a recommended marketing figure for your property. Swoffers can also discuss the state of the market with you, outline any prospective buyers we may already be aware of and also recommend any work or presentation tips that will help sell your house.

  • Please remember that Swoffers will only provide you with a realistic valuation figure based on our considerable understanding of the current market. Our aim is to be realistic.
Step 2 – Marketing


When you are happy with your desired marketing figure (we are, after all, more than willing to try to sell your property at whatever price you suggest) and satisfied that the property you are selling is ready for the market, Swoffers will arrange a time to take details and discuss a marketing approach with you. Our distinctive new property details immediately set your property apart from the rest and our floorplans will give any purchaser the insight they demand. We guarantee to have your particulars ready within 24 hours and these details will be posted on the Internet at the same time, should you desire.

  • Would you rather a low profile approach? Swoffers respects your privacy and deals with more confidential instructions than any other agent.
  • Do you wish to have a specifically tailored advertising approach? Swoffers advertises in the Guernsey Press more than any other estate agent and we will be happy to talk to you about your own marketing needs.


Step 3 – Selling your house


Once your bespoke set of details are complete, our negotiators then have access to the largest mailing list of any agent in the island to call on and will begin contacting prospective buyers by phone and mail who may be looking for a house like yours. The property will also be matched to applicants on our system and as soon as your details hit the website via our automatic real-time upload, every prospective buyer will receive email notification or details through the post of this new property.


Step 4 – Viewings


With your agreement, we will arrange and accompany viewings at your property with interested applicants. We will also follow up any interest shown by prospective purchasers and arrange second or subsequent viewings as they require. We will also offer advice on price reductions when appropriate.

  • Once viewings have taken place we will give you feedback that same day.


Step 5 – Offers


Once an offer is received we will pass this on to you, obviously offering any advice that you may require. Should further negotiation be required, we will endeavour to get you the price that you want for your property. We will also agree a completion date for the deal with you.


Step 6 – Under offer


This is when our work really starts and when you really need the experience of a strong agent. Once you accept an offer on your property, we will stop taking viewings on your property (with your agreement) and draw up paperwork for its sale, passing on all the relevant information to your advocate (if you are being represented), the purchaser and their advocate. We will undertake a careful inventory of the property to document and agree with you exactly what is included in its sale. Typically within 10 working days (or a timeframe to suit you) we will endeavour to get you an unconditional signed contract and deposit paid. We will liaise with the purchasers’ bank, surveyor and advocate to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. There can be complications (survey issues, problems with the boundaries of your property) but we will, again, do our utmost to secure your sale on your terms. Though your property is off the market during this process, rest assured that we will also be keeping a note of any other interested parties, should things fall through.


 Step 7 – Completion


With a signed contract in place, the final piece of the jigsaw is completion. Right up until this point (and often beyond) we are on hand to offer valuable advice. Have you considered everything for moving day? Call us and we will help you in this process, even arrange viewings at the property for measuring up purposes (see our ‘moving home checklist’ for valuable ideas). Upon completion, the proceeds of the sale will be presented to you by your advocate.